Johnnypez v3.0 ish?

Having moved house nearly 3 months ago, I finally got my broadband connection up and running yesterday. Many thanks to Esat BT for getting that up and running very quickly once Eircom had got the finger out and connected my phone line. I have to mention that I had a very good experience with Esat BT’s broadband sales and support staff and I would recommend them to anyone.

Being back online allowed me to scratch an itch that had been bothering me for ages. The look of this site was desperate. So after a couple of hours last night and half of today, here it is. A brand new look. I hope you all* like it.

*all : my 2 readers. Thanks Ken and Dad :)

Afternoon Ear Candy

Been slow posting lately as I still have no broadband at home! God dammit.
Been doing a bit of web design work in the evenings and Clive Barnes has been helping me keep going. His music really seems to get my creativity going. Cheers Clive :D

I’ve seen him live in Kilkenny last year, word has it, he’s knocking about Kilkenny fairly regular these days, gonna try to catch a gig again asap!

In the meantime, enjoy.

How to make your iMac Crash

I’ve have my iMac (Intel core2 duo 2.16ghz, 2gb, OSX 10.4.10) for about 6 months now and I made it crash for the first time last night.

One crash in 6 months is feckin’ brilliant as far as I’m concerned, my love for my Mac grows greater each day :)

How did I manage to crash it? Trying to start Windows XP in Parallels while in the middle of printing something, I guess it caused some sort of conflict over ownership of the USB?

Anywho, won’t be trying that again.