Do you use an application launcher?

On my mac at home I’ve been using Quicksilver for some time now. I’ve got no complaints there.

At work, where unfortunately I’m stuck with a pc for the moment, I have been trying out application launchers for Windows.

After looking around a bit decided to give two a try, Enso and Launchy. I tried Launchy first. It was very simple, I bound it to CTRL + SPACE as that is my preference, using that keystroke, the launcher appears (which is nicely skinnable), you begin typing, it starts figuring out which app you want to launch. Very like Quicksilver. I can’t fault it.

Enso, to be fair is more than just an application launcher. You can do a lot more with Enso as is detailed on their demo. There is one big difference however and I found it to be a deal breaker for me. Continue reading

Foy Vance – Gabriel and the Vagabond

This came through on my recommendations. Turns out I actually had it in my music collection on a Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack and didn’t know it. This track is pure gold. Enjoy.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, I’m trying to be more active with my blog again. This marks the first of what I intend to be a regular Song of the Week post. with GMail IMAP very slow?

For the last two days I watched as Leopard’s tried to download 1 email at an average of 1kb per second.
My internet connection in general was fine yet it looked like it was going to take Mail the entire duration of Lent to download this email.

I figured I must have a setting wrong. I checked Google’s IMAP configuration instructions for Mail 3.x on Leopard. No Joy.
I tried using the information they provided for Mail 2.x setup. Those emails were still crawling down.

Finally I checked Google’s details for configuring other IMAP clients
It says you can use either port 465 or 587 for outgoing mail. I had been using 587, so I changed to port 465. Hey presto! Emails are now flying down. I don’t understand how a dodgy setup for outgoing mail could affect my incoming mail but I’m more than relieved to see doing it’s thing now.

A sarcastic slow clap for Adobe CS3 developers please.

I’d like to thank Adobe CS3 developers for my source of utter frustration last night and this morning.

Last friday I did a clean install OSX 10.5.2 on my iMac. When presented with the choice of two filesystems, HFS+ Journaled, or HFS+ Journaled, Case-Sensitve. I chose the case-sensitive option because I am a web developer, I deal with linux OS’s all the time, I’m used to it. It makes sense. How was I supposed to know that 3 days later, when I begin to install Adobe CS3, the installer would drop out immediately with an error.

"the file system of the OS volume is not supported"

I found this on their support area :

What? Why? I’ll tell you why, because those CS3 developers are the laziest damn developers I’ve heard of. A problem like this is completely ridiculous. I can’t begin to comprehend how Adobe developers could blatently ignore some basic common sense coding practice and cause so much grief.

Adobe doesn’t care that they have caused this issue. They know about it alright, it hasn’t just surfaced with CS3 it’s been around for a while. I’ve read that CS2 would go through the install on case sensitive systems and then give problems when it couldn’t find files as you started apps in the suite. Well at least I might have had an opportunity to fix those issues if CS3 would go through the install. But no, this was their fix. Rather than just address their sloppy coding and fix the filenames referenced. The installer refuses to continue.

The only real solution seems to be reformat, don’t use case sensitivity next time.

Nice one Adobe. Stand up and take a bow.

FAlbum suddenly not displaying albums?

Up to this week I’ve had no trouble with FAlbum (ver 0.7.1). It’s a very useful WordPress plugin for quickly integrating your Flickr gallery into your site.

I have been using it drive a client’s photo gallery for the last 3 months when this week it decides to stop working. It still showed Recent photos without any trouble, and it could also show a list of photosets, but If i tried to go to any page of photosets/albums or try to view photos in a photoset/album it would just display a blank gallery.
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How accurate are your web traffic reports?

Recently a client raised concerns that their Webtrends traffic reports were showing traffic well beyond what Google Analytics was reporting. I have good faith in Google Analytics, it would be hard for their reports to be wrong I thought. Fair enough there are cases where the tracking script may not run but that shouldn’t cause the kinds of gaps we were seeing. Webtrends was reporting almost 100% more page views than Google Analytics and roughly 30% more unique visitors.

I had to see for myself which tool was wrong so I took a sample of the server logs from Feb 1st to run a comparison.
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