Glen Hansard – Say it to me now

So long since I’ve posted a song of the week. Laziness really, or maybe just lack of songs that I really felt good about. I never really gave Glen Hansard much attention until I watched Once. I can’t stop listening to him now. And this track ‘Say it to me now’ has gone straight into my all-time favourite songs.

Jack Johnson & Ben Harper – Gone

I’ve really only started listening to Jack Johnson and Ben Harper since I started using I think they are both outstanding artists. I was looking for something from Jack Johnson in particular when I came across this gem. Enjoy.

Lemon Jelly – ‘68 aka Only Time

I was really busy last week so sorry I’m only getting around to posting the song of the week today. It’s a good one though. Paddy Dunne introduced me to Lemon Jelly many moons ago. They’re just easy listening for the most part, if you’re working I find they get your creative juices flowing like no other. And speaking of creativity, these guys have got some of the greatest music videos out there.

Rachel Yamagata – Reason Why

I did quite a bit of poking around for this weeks song. If I could have found a decent video for Ingrid Michaelson’s Keep Breathing, that would have been it. However fate intervened and I came across one of my favourite live broadcasts ever. Zach Braff hosted this, The Last Kiss broadcast around the time of the movie release. I may actually run one or two other videos from that in weeks to come. I remember some really great performances from Cary Brothers and Imogen Heap. Anyway, for now enjoy the smooth tones of Rachel Yamagata.

Elbow – Station Approach (Live)

I was first introduced to Elbow by a friend of mine about two years ago. Loved them instantly. Station Approach is probably my favourite track from their catalogue.

Just a quick note on Elbow (via

Elbow was formed in 1990 at a sixth-form college in Bury, Lancashire, England. They began specialising in “chilled funk”, but changed the direction of their music after unanimously deciding they were “shit”. The new songs got notice from both Island Records and Universal, but after signing with both, the band was dropped before anything was released.

Tina Dico – Home (Acoustic)

Damn I forgot to post a song of the week last week. So I’ll do one today and another on Friday. Anyway, I love Zero7, I discovered Tina Dico from listening to them. The original track ‘Home’ can be found the Zero7 album When it Falls. This acoustic version is pure class. Also I want that guitar, my father has a 12string that looks and sounds just like it, but it has seen better days.