Dreamweaver 9 or Dreamweaver CS3?

I don’t care what they call the new Dreamweaver, but please can we have it soon.

It’s very hard to find any solid information on the new version of Dreamweaver, but it simply must get here soon. The way we approach development for the web has changed too much since DW8 was launched. So what will it have. There are obvious improvements and updates to be made to many areas of the application but here are some that stand out for me:

  • I pray that the built in FTP doesn’t take forever to complete even the simplest ftp operation.
  • Hopefully the design view won’t look messed up, even though your site looks fine in the majority of mainstream browsers. Maybe if they used Gecko instead of their proprietary rendering engine.
  • AJAX support is a given. But the dreamweaver team are developing their own AJAX framework called Spry. What about support for Prototype and Script.aculo.us etc? Why reinvent the wheel? I’m not sure how I feel about the Spry Framework yet, you can watch a short video of Jorge Taylor, engineering manager for the Spry framework, explaining the reasons for developing Spry here.
  • I’ve also heard rumours of template support for the likes of WordPress and Typepad, that would be cool.
  • It would be nice if DW9 could flag known cross browser css issues and offer to fix them.
  • Better PHP application development support would be great. I know there are better development tools out there but Dreamweaver’s wysiwyg features are still better than those alternatives and so I find that I constantly need to return to using Dreamweaver.

    What if DW9 adopted the Zend Framework for developing web apps? It could include nice tools for creating new actions, controllers, views and taking advantage of all the other great things the Zend Framework supports. Kind of like Rails for PHP? Personally I hate ROR but would love to see something like it for PHP.

So they are just some of the things that affect me in my day to day work that I would like to see improved. For now I live in hope. In the meantime I’ll be trawling anxiously for any news of the new DW release. Come on Adobe, we need this!

Screenshots 21/02:

I’ve found some dodgy enough looking screenshots of what is meant to be an early alpha of Dreamweaver 9. Have a look at them here and see what you make of them. They don’t really give anything away.

8 thoughts on “Dreamweaver 9 or Dreamweaver CS3?

  1. Without a shadow of a doubt – patch up that FTP fairly lively and a ‘yes’ on the extra CSS support. Perhaps flagging or automatic highlighting in the stylesheets where elements are used in different ways by the main browsers.

  2. Along with your “Better support for PHP.” I think it would be a good idea to have a broken down AMP installation included that directly works with Dreamweaver’s WYSIWYG

  3. The better FTP seems to be a universal request (and must be fixed!) I’m looking forward to an easy way to dabble with AJAX (spry) as I’m just getting into PHP (and liking it very much). I’m still finding it too hard to do CSS, but if it’s easier in this edition I might just change :) Oh, and didnt Adobe buy up Interakt?? … and who knows what else they have thrown in, they’re very quite on DW9

  4. I have been pretty happy with the new Dreamweaver so far. Not so crazy about the FTP, it works great when working. Sometimes the thing hangs between connected and not connectes.

    I still haven’t looked into Spry

  5. @Peter
    I have to say that I find that Dreamweavers FTP works fine on the Mac even in DW8. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on the cash for CS3 yet :(

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