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Before and After MagazineAs you know by now, it is my goal to draw attention to as many useful resources for web and graphic designers as I can. Here’s one that just cannot be missed; Before and After Magazine.

It’s available in Print and PDF format for very reasonable prices. We recently subscribed to the current PDF issue for USD$24 which includes about 30 superbly presented and extremely useful articles. You can pay USD$42 for the same in glossy magazine print if you prefer print.

Having read all the articles in this issue so far I’m really impressed. I can’t wait for each new article to come out, as I understand it, they publish a new article bi-weekly (or so). It’s hard to describe the great quality and value of this resource in just words so I recommend you get on over to and grab their free downloads, read them, be happy and then subscribe.

There are very few services that I could be bothered to get the credit out for but Before and After Magazine deserves every penny they get.

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